There's more to tech than computer code.

We want our solutions to be usable, useful and what your users want.

Our Discover, Develop, Deploy process allows us to tackle any project, anywhere, any time.

We know technology, you are the expert in the industry. Together we can create something amazing.

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Yes, it's a buzzword, but it's really important. Working with the people who will be using the solution is the only way to know if it's good. Our engagement team are specialists at working with hard-to-reach populations and facilitating different types of activities.

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Technical Research

One of the great things about being experts at creating complex technology platforms is we’re also really good at knowing what’s out there and what works well.

Technical research is an important (but often forgotten) step in evaluating how feasible an idea is.

User Research

User Research identifies the needs of the audience being targeted. Using methods such as Personas, Journey Mapping, Interviews, Surveys and Case studies, we can create a set of tools to drive empathy throughout design and development.

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Modern web technology is incredible, you can do a lot and make it instantly accessible to millions of people. Damibu use a variety of different web technologies and have a thorough understanding of server technologies to make sure your web solution is robust, scalable and reliable.


Not all apps are created equally and not every project needs an app. But good mobile apps have the potential to turn a good idea into a perfect solution.

At Damibu, we create native apps for Android and iOS - by harnessing the power of modern phones and tablets, we can do incredible things. We always recommend that if you’re thinking of developing an app, come and have a chat with us first.

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User Interface Design

We pride ourselves on creating beautiful and functional user interfaces that meet user needs. All of our user interfaces are accessible and designed to meet the needs of all.

Data Structure

There’s a difference between a technology solution that works for 10 people, and one that works for 10,000,000 people. A carefully considered data structure will ensure that your digital product will remain capable and resolute for your millions of users.

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Outcome Research

We look into the effects that our solutions and services have on the users’ lives. From this we can learn how well they’re addressing the original problems and assess their success.

Product Training

To encourage longevity of our solutions, Damibu provide training to professionals at the forefront of services. Our ongoing face-to-face and online engagement has lead to increased uptake and acceptability by health and public sector professionals in a number of geographies and disciplines to date.


Damibu provide ongoing support and maintenance following deployment of a solution which includes technical maintenance as well as content management. This is particularly valuable when working with information sharing, as it is vital that solutions be kept up to date to maintain their reliability.


We understand that project management processes need to be evidenced. Our reporting processes blend the agile iterative development methodologies we use at Damibu with the regular, reliable reporting outcomes our private and public sector clients require.