Improving how information is published and delivered online.

Damibu Feeds improves how information is published and delivered online. Connecting organisations who have content to share with organisations who have people to read it.

Damibu Feeds is an online platform which makes it easier and quicker to maintain a digital repository of content. The core principles of the platform are designed to carefully balance automation and control: aggregation, control, specialisation, attribution and analytics.

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A fast and effortless approach to sharing information between NHS organisations and the public

An engagement and technology project with Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group and teams across different healthcare and public sector organisations. Our Feeds platform enables GPs to easily (or automatically) share information about the local healthcare system with their patients. At a higher level, the platform enables strategic delivery of information across an entire region allowing for complex system change.

A digital approach to programme management for eradicating tropical diseases in Africa

Commissioned by the Centre for Neglected Tropical Disease, Cascaid is a digital tool that addresses the unique challenges faced by both programme managers in the UK and frontline delivery teams in multiple countries across Africa. As a digital reinvention of current paper based processes the platform reduces the burden of evidencing international development projects.

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Providing parents with a reliable tool to support their child's development

Developed for Liverpool City Council, the 24 Magic Months app is a digital counterpart to a regional maternity public health campaign. It gives parents access to trusted health information about their children from birth up to two years. Using proven technology developed by Damibu, the platform enables health visitors and other children's health professionals to create and share information about a child's development. Parents can use the milestone tracker in the app to capture special moments as their child grows, and receive relevant notifications about what they need to know about their child's development.

Making public transport simpler for people with hidden disabilities

This research project with SEStran and Scottish Government looks at how technology can reduce confusion and frustration on public transport for those living with disabilities - with a focus on hidden disabilities such as dementia and visual impairment.

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Helping parents feel confident to deliver care for their children

CATCH was developed in partnership with the NHS to improve the quality of health information targeted at expecting and new parents and carers. It eases the sense of information overload for users and offers transparency and regional customisation of information for health professionals.

Reminiscence therapy for people living with dementia

The My House of Memories app is part of the exceptional dementia awareness programme led by National Museums Liverpool. The reminiscence therapy approach brings joy to carers, families and those being cared for, and can be accessed at any time using the app.

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