Hello all,

I’m Ethan and my first 6 months with Damibu have flown by.

First walking into the office back on the 14th July 2020, I was greeted with a socially distanced welcome by Dave (CEO of Damibu) and John (Project Manager) and, the other new starter, Adam. Meeting new people can be nerve racking, but after an informal chat about our hobbies and pastimes, the office became a very comfortable place. 

In the first few days most of the team worked remotely, therefore I met the team over a video call. Everyone was friendly and welcoming and explained what projects they were working on. I was impressed by the good work that Damibu were doing, especially the work to combat the spread of misinformation.

After a week of getting set up and finding my way around using a Mac, I was assigned my first project. I was to work with Adam to create a framework which would be used for testing purposes. Starting as a graduate came with its own hurdles as I had limited experience with working with larger projects. Fortunately, over the course of this project, I picked up many skills from all different areas of software development. Whenever I came across anything unfamiliar, Dave or Adam would be happy to lend a helping hand which created a great learning environment.

After roughly 3 months, we switched to working remotely. As a consequence of this, I was able to become more independent when coding and problem solving. I quickly became used to working from home (and being able to take quick naps during my lunch breaks 😴 ) and at this point it feels very natural to be jumping in and out of voice and video calls.

To pleasantly round off the end of year and my first 6 months at Damibu, we had a team Christmas lunch and Zoom quiz. Despite my lack of knowledge around pop culture, this was a very enjoyable afternoon and a good opportunity to see familiar faces during the lockdown.

To conclude, the past 6 months have been unorthodox, enjoyable, and enlightening. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the future.

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