Innovate UK continue to fund the Damibu Feeds platform as part of the the COVID-19 Fast-Start Programme. This extension will allow us to grow Damibu Feeds to support more organisations within the health sector, so businesses, charities and community initiatives can deliver important information about local services quickly and easily.

Feeds allows organisations to curate their own unique resource by aggregating ‘trusted’ data sources into custom information Feeds. These Feeds can then be delivered via any online technology: websites, mobile apps, voice (Alexa, Siri) or Internet of Things devices.

Feeds is very flexible and Damibu envisages the platform becoming ubiquitous. Societal benefits include the spreading of validated information to combat fake news and increased productivity, allowing additional customisation of information e.g. for cultural relevance.

Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group is currently deploying our Feeds on to 65 GP Surgery websites. Citizens will benefit by receiving up to date information on COVID-19 and service changes.

Find out more about Feeds here.

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