The role of a content creator is self explanatory, but it’s a broad term – these days there’s so many different types of ‘content’ that can be produced at a professional level of quality with nothing more than a laptop. Whether you’re a writer, filmographer, digital or performance artist the one common thread is that you create things.

But not all website owners are content creators, sometimes a website is just a place to share information to a specific audience. You might not be the creator – which is why we coined the term ‘content curator’. Yes we know they sound almost indistinguishable, sorry, but we think this perfectly encompasses a new type of website owner those who carefully scrutinise existing content and build a collection, or a repository of high quality content that’s right for their audience. For content curators, Damibu Feeds provides tools that have simply never before been available.

If you understand what a feed is and the different types of publishing, it’s easy to see how content curators can use Damibu Feeds to build collections from the content that’s already available. The role of a content curator can be even more powerful by creating Digital Flyers, small snippets that are focussed on a specific theme that can be shared onto other websites.

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