The benefits of using Damibu Feeds to manage ‘news’ style content, where the information is temporary and designed to eventually fall off the page are obvious – more control, localisation and the ability to curate content from other creators. But not everything on a website is news, there’s usually more permanent types of content – these bits can often be the most important part of the website.

But maintaining permanent, up to date information on your website, from trusted authors that’s relevant for your local audience is a challenge. It takes time to research, create and it’s a never ending task as you are forever required to maintain it so it doesn’t become out of date.

Damibu Feeds solves this problem with Digital Flyers. Like their paper-based namesake, Digital Flyers deliver short bursts of content on a specific topic. Delivered through Damibu Feeds, they offer all of the automation benefits available to other types of content, but they can be more complex consisting of multiple pages, each page can even originate from different authors.

Digital Flyers can be interactive, so rather than a huge page of text the information can be segmented into sub-categories. The reader can navigate to a specific sub-topic, but everything is taken care of by Damibu Feeds so you can spend less time fiddling with your website.

Like all Damibu Feeds content, Digital Flyers clearly show full accredditation, detailing the author, creation date and last updated date, so users of your website know they can trust what they see. The Digital Flyer integrates seamlessly with the website it’s being displayed on, adopting the fonts, colours and general styling so it appears to be part of your website – they even work with accessibility tools.

If you’re a content curator, you can use Damibu Feeds to create localised flyers, making sure the needs of a specific audience are included.

Adding Digital Flyers to your website is simple, you just log into Damibu Feeds, find the content you like and click follow or publish. When the original author updates the content, your version will be automatically updated to, ensuring the information on your website stays relevant and correct without you needing to do anything.

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