The core ethos of Damibu Feeds is to share, but your website and your content are precious so you need to stay fully in control. The tools for content creators (and curators) on Damibu Feeds let you build a library of content that can be shared across many websites. Even when your content is published by others, you can still edit or remove anything you need to – any changes you make will be reflected on all the websites sharing your content.

The goal is to provide you with the tools to manage or even automate the publication process. Everybody on the internet wants to find information they can trust. A large part of this is giving authors a way to stay in control of what they produce – something that is easily lost when the ‘standard’ way of sharing information is to copy & paste from one platform to another.

Damibu Feeds is appealing for content users because it provides automation features – those who need to share information to their audience but don’t want to wear the title of ‘webmaster’ can use Damibu Feeds automation.

As a trusted author of high quality content, you know that most of what you produce will be instantly shared by your audience. With Damibu Feeds they can set your feed to be automatically published to their websites. This makes it quick and easy for your message to be shared across many networks.

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