As one of our most established projects, CATCH (Common Approach to Children’s Health) has been around since March 2016 and has over 11,000 users from seven CCG areas. Damibu produce an annual report each year, detailing general progression, feedback from users and professionals and potential impact areas.

In the year 2019/20, CATCH grew to over 1,040 articles from 28 different sources. Our new national content providers include RoSPA, Hungry Little Minds and PACEY.

This year, we found that 9 out of 10 users felt more confident to care for their children after using CATCH and would recommend it to friends and family.

“As a first time parent, every little thing makes you worry and question if something is wrong but this has helped calm me and realise what is normal (google is not your friend!)”


Though CATCH was originally created to address unnecessary A&E and GP attendances, a larger number of impact areas have been identified, including vaccination uptake, breastfeeding, school readiness, perinatal mental health, smoking in pregnancy and childhood obesity, which have been supported by professionals. This year, we asked users in which ways CATCH had helped them. Most popular areas were vaccinations, breastfeeding, healthy eating and exercise and play.

The identification and initial support of these potential impact areas show just how much the power of having clinical validated, locally relevant and age appropriate information to hand can have. Damibu continue to work with stakeholders to understand how we can support these areas moving forward.

This years report can be accessed below:

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