How does Damibu Feeds work?

Damibu Feeds is a completely new approach to a common problem, and this can make it difficult to describe. It helps you either distribute and control content that you produce, or to source content to display on your own site (or both!)

You don’t need any programming expertise to completely transform the way that you use data online, it’s really easy.

Deep dive into Damibu Feeds Features

From Content Creator to Curator

The role of a content creator is self explanatory, but it’s a broad term – these days there’s so many different types of ‘content’ that can be produced at a professional level of quality with nothing more than a laptop. Whether you’re a writer, filmographer, digital or performance artist the one common thread is that…



Who is this for?
  • Public Sector. Control and share information at scale to 100s of websites at a push of a button.
  • Third Sector. Track the reach of your specialist knowledge within your target audience.
  • Enterprise. Manage consistent information across offices, branches or franchises.
What are the benefits
  • Put your content in front of the people you need to reach.
  • Stop worrying about outdated information being online.
  • Know exactly who is sharing your information and how many people are seeing it.

Easy ways to control your content.

A million people reading your content, or a thousand people coming to your website. Which would you choose? For a lot of people, this question is easy – the more people who can access your information, the better…as long as they know that you are the author!

Damibu Feeds has been created to address huge issues that you might have in distributing, controlling and tracking your content.



Who is this for?
  • Public Sector. Drive public self-service across multiple providers.
  • Third Sector. Support the whole person by offering information in addition to your specialism.
  • Enterprise. Encourage clients to self-serve or support staff’s mental health, the uses are many fold.
What are the benefits
  • Easy access to a growing library of content or information.
  • Everything you distribute is attributed and verifiable.
  • Huge time savings compared to manually managing the process.

Trusted, relevant content instantly available for your website or app.

Damibu Feeds helps give your visitors high quality, trusted content, quickly and easily. You can automatically import content without losing control of your site – content matches its style, and gets automatically updated.

If you run one or more websites and want verifiable content from trusted sources to distribute to your users, take some time to explore Damibu Feeds. The platform has been designed to allow you to aggregate multiple content sources into a single Feed of information that is relevant to your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Damibu Feeds platform has been created to make the process of distributing, managing and publishing content easy. At its simplest, you connect your website to the platform using one of our plugins, and it provides a content sync with any feeds that you choose to follow.

Damibu Feeds can be used by anyone who runs a website or an app, or who manages information within an organisation.

Content Creators

“Creators” are organisations that wish to distribute their content. Damibu Feeds has been developed with the security, control and scale required by Public Sector, 3rd Sector and Enterprise organisations.

Content Distributors

“Distributors” are organisations that wish to share content online. Damibu Feeds standardises and simplifies this process, giving access to verified and attributed content that can be manually or automatically imported on to their site.

Currently Damibu Feeds is invite-only, so if you want to add your content please contact us!

Yes, you can decide where your content is displayed.

Why not? Unlike other channels, Damibu Feeds lets you keep control. Making your content available allows your information, message and brand to be seen by far more people, whilst ensuring it’s fully attributed to you and provides you with valuable analytical insights.

To make your life easier, stop spending time rewriting or copy/pasting content. Damibu Feeds means you can subscribe to a source of content you trust. When the author updates that content, your site will automatically stay up to date with those changes. Any content you use will be fully attributed, so your audience will know where it’s from and when it was last updated. You can even make this process completely automatic, so you don’t need to lift a finger.

Be part of something exciting.

Damibu Feeds is in closed beta with NHS and local authority partners exploring innovative ways to distribute content and information. This is proving that Damibu Feeds is a game-changer for sharing content online.

There are now opportunities to get involved whatever your sector!
We are looking for partners across the UK to take up the challenge of thinking about content in a different way.

A way that works better for all.