Tailored Content for All
Damibu Feeds is a cloud based platform to manage social, cultural and regional variations of national content.

Employ 'Safe-AI' to adapt and curate targeted content from trusted, pre-validated sources.

In a fast-changing digital world, make all websites a source of fact-checked, trusted information.

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.

Unify content across a region

Maintain a system level strategy for information. Distribute digital content to 1000s of partner websites, sharing content across the ecosystem. Unify content and switch on and off at the click of a button.

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Save time managing content

Communication Managers can build and access a growing library of relevant content and trusted information that’s both attributed and verifiable. End the sending and following up of 100s of emails requesting content updates.

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Reduce workloads for staff

Cut the time staff spend on mundane website tasks like creating news and campaign updates. Damibu Feeds automates the supply of content, whilst allowing organisations to retain control over what they publish.

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Clear, comprehensive, anonymous analytics

Analyse content performance to see what articles and updates are being read and where they are performing best.

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Designed with the NHS

Co-created with the NHS, Damibu Feeds solves the challenge of keeping healthcare websites up to date at a time when staff workload is under pressure.

Staff requested:

  • Reduced workload for all
  • Surgeries must retain control of their website and the content on it
  • No need to change website provider
  • Anonymised analytics without cookies
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Happy Customers

Thank you for creating something that makes a busy practice manager’s life easier!

Practice manager, West Derby and Stoneycroft Medical Centres

Before Damibu Feeds there would be 84 different approaches to sharing communications, GP practice websites would be underutilised as a tool for communicating with the population.

Now the result is consistent, efficient and timely messages that are appreciated by the practice team and patients.

Senior Digital Transformation Lead, Liverpool NHS Place

Damibu Feeds is intuitive to use and has made it easier for us to push out our messages to a wide audience with a single click.

Communications Officer, Liverpool NHS Place

A simple per website model

All packages have a straightforward set-up cost for support and training, and clear ongoing pricing to help you manage costs. With Feeds you pay per website API key and final costs are dependent on the number of websites in your network.

Share information across practice websites within your network. Develop and share health campaigns, customised for your local population and achieve IIF targets by activating campaigns that have been crafted by NHS professionals. Help build and access a growing library of content.

Licence CostSetup Cost
£3,000 /year£6,000


Frequently Asked Questions

Will a new website be required?

No, Damibu Feeds easily integrates with existing websites and all packages include setup support.

Installation is quick and, once set up, content will integrate seamlessly with your website, saving you time immediately after setup.

Why use other people's content?

Save time and reduce inaccuracies. NHS communications teams provide carefully crafted articles that are ready to share in a single click or through an automated process.

Who controls what goes on the website?

Adjust what is shared manually or automatically and choose which content feeds to follow.

Does Feeds work with websites hosted by third parties?

Damibu Feeds can be integrated onto any website, whether it's a bespoke site created by a web designer, or a specific GP Website platform.

Support teams work closely with website developers to make Damibu Feeds set-up as easy as possible and offer different integration solutions to fit with different websites.

Will this work with accessibility tools?

Yes. One of the core features of Damibu Feeds is accessibility - content works with screen readers, colour contrast adaptations and even auto translation tools.

How do you register for Feeds?

Damibu Feeds isn't currently open to the public, but is working with selected NHS organisations and GPs.