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We are the experts for information management technology in the public sector. Renowned for our project work within the NHS, we are now concentrating on Damibu Feeds and revolutionising how digital information is managed and distributed at scale.

We love showing people what we do and we’d be happy to chat about any unique content challenges you’re facing.

We connect organisations who have content to share with organisations that have people to read it.

If you run a website, produce content for the public, or manage information in complex organisations, Damibu Feeds is something you should be interested in.

Who is Damibu Feeds for?

Feeds is developed for delivery of content at scale. It is designed for the Public Sector, 3rd Sector and Enterprise organisations that wish to make content available either privately to partners or publicly to anyone.

Content Creators

Spread the Word.

A million people reading your content, or a thousand people coming to your website. Which would you choose?

Content Distributors

Access Trusted Content.

Trusted content that’s relevant and instantly available on your site. Would you benefit from this?

Case Study

How can Damibu Feeds help?

We’re helping to transform the way Liverpool CCG distribute their news and alerts through the city’s GP websites. Just one of the ways Damibu Feeds is helping content distributors.

Trust, Transparency & Technology.

Damibu are passionate about improving the flow of online information.

We have a long history of developing innovative technical solutions.
Damibu Feeds is the culmination of this knowledge. It will transform the way that information is published and consumed on the internet – improving transparency, validity and trust, whilst maximising the potential for content to be easily sourced and shared.


Fighting digital information overload
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Fighting digital information overload

We’ve all done it before. You’ve been feeling tired all week so you type your symptoms in the search bar and hit enter. Enter scary diagnoses left, conflicting information right, and panicked message forums centre. When we’re worried about our health, our anxiety levels are sky high and being bombarded with information from everywhere can…

Damibu Feeds Commissioned by NHS Southport and Formby CCG, and NHS South Sefton CCG
Damibu company News

Damibu Feeds Commissioned by NHS Southport and Formby CCG, and NHS South Sefton CCG

We’re happy to announce that Southport and Formby CCG and South Sefton CCG have commissioned Damibu Feeds for two years! Following on from the success across Liverpool CCG, we’re excited to bring the benefits of Damibu Feeds to two new CCGs. Damibu Feeds will enable them to support GPs and Primary Care Networks to keep…