Common Approach To Children's Health

Building Confidence in Parental Self-care of Children


The Common Approach To Children’s Health (CATCH) gives parents appropriate and understandable information they need and want, in a timely and measured way and via a device they are familiar with (smart phone, iPad etc). It aggregates clinical knowledge and support information from the parent's local Council and GPs, building a region specific, tailored, trusted resource they can reuse, giving them confidence to look after their children at home.

Why Is CATCH Needed

About 20% of available GP workload is treatment of minor ailments and is estimated to cost the NHS about £2bn. Over 4.8million A&E attendances annually are for children aged 0-5, with over 750,000 of these attendances coded as ‘Guidance / Advice Only’ or ‘None - consider guidance / advice option’. We need to find better and cost-effective ways to deliver our health services. To build confidence in self-care when appropriate and the knowledge to recognise when medical treatment is required.

What Are The Benefits

Up to Apr17, Eastern Cheshire CCG received 284 survey responses from 1,662 users. This indicated a very high (91%) recommendation value and 47% of participants deciding self-care over an A&E visit and 64% over a GP visit. The responses indicate that app usage has reduced dependency on NHS services and thereby helps Cheshire East deliver better healthcare and cost savings.

Eastern Cheshire CCG registered patients’ data backs up this survey data and shows a 28% reduction in A&E attendances coded as ‘Guidance / Advice Only’ or ‘None - consider guidance / advice option’ in winter period of 2016/17. This reduction resulted in a 3% DROP in overall A&E attendances for that period, which contrasts against a 15% RISE the previous year.

How Does CATCH Work


Regionally, branding, marketing, admin dashboard and mobile app are shared. Damibu curates the local health information and articles from trusted sources, such as Minimum clinician effort is required for review and sign-off of articles on creation or when they are updated. User surveys and analytics, that adhere to Information Governance guidelines, track usage by postal areas, wards and Layer Super Output Areas (LSOA), to account for both Council and NHS evaluation needs.

We want CATCH to give parents and carers the knowledge and self-confidence to treat their children themselves when appropriate, but equally not be deterred from taking their child to their GP or A&E in a genuine emergency or after an accident.
- Dr Lesley Bayliss, NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG's Children's Champion

How Do I Get CATCH?

CATCH delivers highly specific, local information and is delivered as a service to, and in cooperation with, Public Health and CCG partnerships in supported areas.

The app can be downloaded for FREE from the Android and Apple app stores. Please get in touch if your area is not supported as CATCH is ready to scale and allow any NHS organisation to provide highly targeted, verified and locally relevant health information to their patients.

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